My attempt to create a website, but ended busy brewing my cup of tea

An attempt was made long before to learn some designing to build my own personal site, but as time passed by, I entered into a different direction and time was the main factor for which I was unable to learn or master it. Now creating a blog about myself is the best solution. Its easy to obtain and maintain. I am working on my personal blog and will put it up someday. Now I am following my grandfather's footsteps and am a tea merchant now. My granddad must be shining on me. He was a tea laborer. Now I have a site running which is dedicated to Darjeeling Tea. I am grateful to Julian for taking the job of building and maintaining the site and of course my partner Bandhana for remaining cool and supportive. I would love to blog regarding my profession and my family's passion for tea. Hope I get to post my views someday. Julian is helping me out!

I put the rest of the pages of this site "OFF" because it was really pathetic to look at. I viewed it sometime ago and didn't know that I was so bad at designing. My next designing attempt - A little improvement, but I really don't have time to look after the site anymore - Wanna see my next attempt - Go here! This too was a long long time ago. Now I have decided to go for a blog to blot out my thoughts:)

So long - Benoy